What is Obama’s definition of change?

Basically, it seems like everyone that Obama has put in roles on his staff and cabinet have ties back to the Clinton presidency.  So, the question is where are the changes that he promised.  It seems to be a change, in that it is no longer Bush, but the changes are just back to same old same old, only this time democrats rather than republicans.  It made me wonder what is the definition of change, and what is Obama’s definition of change.  I went to dictionary.com to look up defintions of change.  Here is a link if you would like to see all of them.  Definition of change

But, this one stood out to me.  9.  to become different: Overnight the nation’s mood changed. I guess based on that defintion than Obama is meeting his promise of change.  He never said that the change would be better.

Oh, and just so we know the definitions of hope, here they are.  Hope

As I looked over the definitions, I noted that most of them are kind of negative.  By this I mean that you think you will have one outcome, which is not always positive, but you are hoping for another one, which should be better.  In other words, hope is a desire not something that will happen.  Interesting view of the word hope.  During the election it was seen as a guide for the future, but in reality it is a desire for something to happen that will be positive.


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