Gotta know history

It’s my blog and I will write what I want to.  Kind of finally feeling the after glow of the election go away.  Wondering about the economy.  Wishing that the government would stay out of it.  Recently, I have heard on different occasions that FDR actually caused the depression to continue longer than it would have without government interfererence.  I have always wondered how much of the depression had to do with the dust bowl that happened at about the same time as the crash of Wall Street.  The family stories I heard from that period of time really were never as bad as the press talks about it.  It was always about doing what needed to be done.  I read a comment about a movie the other day that really has made me think about how people don’t have an understanding about history.  The comment basically said that the government didn’t take care of people during WWII.  I felt for that person because I don’t think they realize that people felt it was their duty to do without for the war effort.  While there were things that were wanted, people didn’t feel they needed them.  Nowadays, it sweems like our wants have become our needs.   Years ago, it was pointed out that my generation really didn’t have a war to shape it.  I was too young to remember the Vietnam War and the closest to war that we saw was Grenada.  But, the idea was that we didn’t learn to do without and support the nation during war as did the generations that lived through WWI and WWII.  I have to say that to a certain degree I agree with it.  There is something to say about the generation that lived through the depression and WWII.  They got the idea that there is more to life then their own self-centeredness.


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