The latest bailout

Here are some great links to explain why the Big 3 are looking for a $50 billion bailout.  Just look at the wages that we are going to have to have our tax dollars keep on paying.  I think I picked the wrong profession.  It is just sad that I see my dream job going down the drain because of the economy while they won’t be touched by the economy because my dream is going to their wages.

Behind Ford\’s scary $12.7 billion loss

Look at their hourly wage compared to other workers

Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama stands up for us


One thought on “The latest bailout

  1. wilsonrofishing says:

    The Detroit bailout just prolongs the inevitable. Investing in these companies with taxpayers’ money at this point is subsidizing failure. Let them attempt to restructure when they enter bankruptcy, or succumb to market forces.

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