Our National Security

People are worried about our economy, but I am not.  If the government would just stay out of it, it should gradually recover.  I wonder how many Obama supporters are realizing that the economy downward spin seems to be connected to Obama winning the election.  If you watched the Dow prior to the election, if McCain’s numbers went up the Dow went up.  Now that Obama has been elected, the Dow keeps going down.  I wonder how many times the economy went bad just because a man was elected president.

What concerns me is our National Security.  If we don’t have a country than how can we have an economy.  So far since last Tuesday, Hamas has attacked Israel, Afghanistan seems to be needing our help, Russia has moved its arms closer to Poland, Poland thought Obama said he would support Poland, but then Obama said he never said that, we haven’t heard news about Georgia and Ukraine, so I wonder what is going on there.  Oh, and on top of all that it turns out that someone Obama supposedly fired is now his senior foreign policy expert and has been meeting with Hamas and other middle eastern countries on behalf of Obama.  We can’t forget Cuba and Iran, but like Hamas they seem to be allies of Obama.  Isn’t it strange that countries we have had trade embargos against for years suddenly love the president that was elected?  They know he will bow to anything they want him to do either because he actually agrees with them or he is so scared of them he will meet with them surrender and claim victory.  That is the type of victory we don’t need.


Updated to add this link about Robert Malley, who may or may not be part of Obama’s national security team.

Robert Malley


Updated to add this link regarding meeting with Hamas prior to the election.  Notice that they did not release the information so that McCain could use it against Obama.  Each day I fear for the safety of our country more than I did the day before.

Hamas met with Obama representatives


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