Updates on mandatory service

I’m a little confused.  I just looked at the change.gov site and it appears there has been a small change made to it.  The word required has been scrubbed from it.  Isn’t that interesting?

But, that is not what has me confused.  What has me confused is his plan to pay college students $4000 for 100 hours of service.  Wow, that is $40 an hour!  What a deal!  Here is the thing though.  If you look at the Americorps program, you will notice that they pay about the same amount, but the college student has to work for 10 months to a year on a full time basis to get that amount.  Granted, they do get a monthly stipend as well.  I think Americorps can be a great opportunity and I hope that this plan would not adversely affect it.  I mean come on, if you had to choose between working a year or 100 hours for the same amount of college assistance, which would you choose?


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