Mandatory volunteer(?) Service

I’m not sure to write for this one because I am sad.  I am adjusting to Obama being elected as President.  I almost see it as a positive for a couple of reasons.  He is going to fail big time and those who supported him will realize that their dreams for hope and change in this country won’t work and maybe this will stop them from trying to change the country into a socialist one.  Thus, the other positive for his election.  It is making those of us who see the beauty in this country and that it does not need to be changed get up and fight to make sure we keep our rights. Check out the website I have linked about mandatory service.  I have heard there are other goodies as well.

But, what has me upset is that I think this election has caused me to change my opinion on a lot of friends.  I just can’t respect them anymore.  I feel bad that I have let myself come to this point and hope I change (ha ha) soon, but I don’t see it happening.  You maybe what is is more than anything else is that I have been changing and this just shows how wide the chasm has become where we are.  They may keep waiting for the hope and change they desire to come, while I make sure to fight for what I want.


2 thoughts on “Mandatory volunteer(?) Service

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