My future

I got home from working at the polls last night to see that Obama had been selected as president.  I was in shock.  This morning I woke up after having a dream that I realized represents what I see as the future of the country.  It was about finding a pet dying and the pet telling me that it is too late and it is going to die.  I give it some water, which it drinks, but it is not enough.  The pet has been injured and nothing can save it.  Then, I check the news and find stories that show that countries are already preparing for a weak presidency.  That made me think even more about my dream.  I feel like I need to make some big decisions about my future because I do not see the next four years as being a good time financially.  I am worried about national security as well, but I need to look at my own life in regards to all that may occur.  Unfortunately, I think all will happen quickly and the rest of the 4 years will be a response to what happens.

I will keep this blog going as long as I can.  I saw it as a way to bring to light issues if Obama was elected.  I may end up focusing on women’s issues because I see women taking steps backwards under this presidency.


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