Mandate This

I just found this video and it is really interesting because Obama talks about using “price signals” to change behavior.   In addition, he made the point that if they make the power companies pay more than those costs will be passed on to consumers.  Isn’t this also true of taxes.  What really struck me is that he makes a comment in it about mandating people to use less energy in their homes and that people will have to change their light bulbs and keep the lights off in their homes.  Does that mean he will mandate at what temperature we can keep our air and our heat?  What else will he decide he wants to mandate?

So this might sound like people are just over reacting to some positive changes that Obama wants to make in this country.  The problem is that it appears that he is trying to force people to live their lives the way he sees fit not how each person sees fit to live their own lives. 

What strikes me the most about all this is that I was thinking about this everything this morning in church.  I was thinking about how what I read last night in Prairie Fire seems to be in awe of the Chinese revolution and the Chinese government and economy.  At one point, a comment is made that says that the Chinese peasant has a better life than those who live in the United States.  I know for a fact that in about the mid 1980s, the Chinese economy was in such bad shape (no one made money and couldn’t spend it) that they were beginning to allow their citizens start small businesses and make money on the side.  Wow, that sounds like they began to allow capitalism into their country.  Otherwise, the citizens work in factories where they paint tiny little souveniors for the tourists or for export.  But, I digressed from my point, with these memories of China, I was drawn to the points in Prairie Fire that had to do with the Chinese revolution.  Also, I recalled when Obama began to rave about China’s successes over those of the United States.  It was during the interview with O’Reilly.  I don’t think at the time O’Reilly got the significance of what was being said at the time.  I didn’t either, until I read the Prairie Fire.  I took it that he had been dazed by the production of the Olympics.  Now, I wonder how much of it was from the training he received from Bill Ayers. 

But, don’t take my word on it, read Prairie Fire, it is available for free as pdfs on different websites.  I looked for the video from O’Reilly’s interview, but I could barely listen the first time so I can’t listen again just to find the sound bite I heard.  But, I remember hearing it clearly.  I believe it was in discussing the economy.  Just thought of this, does that mean he is conceding that China will surpass this country without a fight from him?

ETA this link to Prairie Fire


One thought on “Mandate This

  1. Cinderella says:

    If Obama wins, you can likely expect him to launch some sort of attack on the internet since it was one medium, which he could not control. However, his Obamatons seemed hard at work trying to keep legitimate arguments from the spotlight in political forums, especially in myspace by hijacking threads and by mass efforts by his brainwashed croonies to undermine legitimate discussions with obscenities and lame postings bashing anyone who brought the truth to the message boards. Obama is blatantly dishonest and a man with highly questionable character, who more than likely can’t pass a national security clearance screening, but people want to elect him president? Hmmm, well we need a change in our Constitution alright…yep….we need to add one specific qualification to the criteria mandatory in order to run for President of the United States. We need to make an addendum requiring any person seeking a nomination to the office of President to pass a national security clearance screening of the highest level before such person may solicit campaign funds, including party elections.

    In addtion, all persons running for election as a house representative or Senator should also be required to pass security clearance at their own expense prior to soliciting funding or their name being added to any ballot process.

    I think we could drastically improve the quality of people running this country.

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