Ask a question

I hate adding a new post over the one about getting the LA Times to release the tape, but that post made me think of the need for this one.

 Ask a question

 Then, see what happens


Joe the plumber

He asked a simple question about the American Dream when Obama decided to do a photo op in Joe the Plumber’s neighborhood.  What happened, the press ignored the answer to the question as they set out to discredit and destroy Joe the Plumber.  Barbara West

There is an interview in Florida in which the reporter asks Biden a couple of questions he does not like.  What happens to the station that asks these questions.  They get banned by the Obama Campaign.
As I have stated in two posts listed below, the LA Times are refusing to release a videotape of Obama in which he remarked in a toast honoring his close friend Rashid Khalidi. 


Chris May and Angela Russell

Now, there is another video of Joe Biden being interviewed in Philadelphia where he didn’t like the questions.  What happens to the station that asks these questions?   


Megyn Kelly

She asks Bill Burton a question about the Redistribution of Wealth interview, and rather than answer the question, he attacks her and Fox News. This time, it appears she gets the better of him.


Are we seeing a future of what is going to happen in the future?  If you ask the wrong question then you will be attacked and discredited.  Is this the country you want to live in?

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