Who do you call?

So, I am not a huge fan of O’Reilly, but lately I have been watching it.  I totally have issues with Bill Ayers because I have been a victim, or almost victim, of terrorist attacks.  The fact that he is even as close as Obama will admit is scary to me.  I think he is a lot closer than admitted but so far there is no proof.  As I have mentioned before, while people are concerned about who is on the cabinet, that is not the group to worry about, it is the kitchen cabinet to be concerned about because unless the news talks about them, you won’t see them.  I think Bill Ayers is already part of the kitchen cabinet in Obama’s campaign and I fear the role he will have if Obama is elected.  That said, I really think that we see how weak a man Ayers is that he can’t even answer a reporter’s questions and then… well watch the video to see what a man who has admitted to bombing police stations had to do.


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