Bill Ayers: Prairie Fire

Thanks to Zombie for this information.  Please go to that site to find out more about the information in Prairie Fire.  It shows that they were not the typical anti war activists but were terrorists.  They list their terror attacks.  But, what is really interesting is that it can be shown just by the title of his book about to be released and these quotes about socialism that his beliefs have not changed!!!



One thought on “Bill Ayers: Prairie Fire

  1. […] It is interesting that the he says that the guilt by association was made a big deal during the election, but obviously it didn’t matter to a lot of people.  Well, maybe because the press never really looked into how long the relationship had been around.  He is playing down the relationship and I think his denials are the truth.  By that I mean that what he denies is the truth and his explanation is a distortion of the truth. A big question is what is he hiding by trying to cover up a long relationship.  But, it is up to you to decide when you listen to it, the second part will load at the end of the first part.  Also, you may want to check out this post I wrote earlier Bill Ayers – Prairie Fire […]

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