I Believe

This picture has given me hope again.  It is those who seem to be talked about but not to by Obama/Biden are going to come out. 

This picture comes from this post.  http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=NWRhZDE1ODdiYzRiMzcyMWM5NzNjMWMxMDQ1ZDRkYzI=&w=MA==

We all have ancestors who came to this country to live the American Dream and to give freedom to their children.  I have a love of history and find it sad that people don’t look at the history of this country or even the history of their own family to see what the future should hold.  It seems to me that at the same time there are people who are eaten up with jealousy of those who have succeeded or who’s family has succeeded.  Rather than put that jealousy into something to make their life better, they put it into bringing down those who are successful. 

Strange realization has come from this picture and my own current life experiences.  It is the reason why I never really pursued a phd.  I had the realization that I would be studying what someone else wanted me to do not my own thing.  When I tried to write a paper for entry into a phd program I realized I was trying to write what I thought they wanted me to say not what I wanted to say.  In that I realized I couldn’t go in that direction.


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