The Reason for this blog

I needed a place to vent.  I spend a lot (too much) time reading and learning about the candidates in this election and needed a place to vent.  What have I discovered, my degrees mean nothing because others will make their decisions based on nothing and consider what I know idiotic because I don’t agree with them.  Should I point out that my degrees are in political science/history and Public Administration.  You probably know what political science and history degrees are but you wonder about public administration.  I just call myself a person who is educated in red tape.  So, in other words, I am degreed in study of the three sectors – public, private and non-profit.    So, that is me.  All I ask, is as you read this blog, ignore my grammar and spelling errors because I am venting not trying to write the great novel or have a ghost writer write it for me.


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