So I’m Frustrated

Poor Joe the plumber who I really admire.  Admit it would you be able to go through what he has gone through and not punched someone in the face?  He is a stand up man who is having every single little bit of information about him put on the front page of the news.  What stories about yourself would you die of embarrassment if they appeared as a small news story in the middle of the least read section of the newspaper.  Instead, this guy who was on his property in his neighborhood is approached by Obama’s people to ask if he will engage with Obama and ask him a question.  How many people would even be willing to allow themselves to be put in this situation?  He agrees and asks a simple question about the American dream.  What happens is that Obama answers the question in a way that shows Obama believes that we should spread the wealth.  What is wrong with that you may ask?  Well, I don’t think a lot of people would really like the idea that they can work 40 plus hours a week to earn a living and that living that they have earned cannot be used as they see fit but as Senator Government sees fit. 

Personally, I don’t understand why people think that the government has any right to determine how money should go other than what is earned as income.  Why should a spouse or children pay inheritance taxes on a small business or farm that probably at some point in time they worked on so that it could one day be theirs.  Instead, what happens is that they have to find the money to pay the government what is theirs so they can continue to own what is theirs.  Unfortunately what can happen is that the business is sold to pay taxes and there goes a small business.  Ouch! 

But that is the problem when the idea becomes that the citizens are there for the government not that the government is created for the benefit of the citizens.


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